Time’s Running Out

I read somewhere (Tumblr) that the age of the watch is over. done. dead and buried. In 5-10 years the numbers of people that are wearing watches will fall and people wont be buying them any more (I can’t find the link to the article. sorry). The reason? They are single purpose objects. They exist only to tell the time and have no other functions. You can’t make coffee with it, it doesn’t take pictures and useless as a weapon against sharks. It tells the time and that is it.

As a watch wearer and having bought about one every year since I was about 12 I can say I wholeheartedly disagree with that . Watches are awesome and I feel a little part of me is missing if I’m not wearing one (seriously). I don’t care that it only tells the time, that is all I want it for.

Do people want their watches to be multi-functional? In the past there have been attempts at giving watching something to do other than tell the time. Watches with built in calculators, TV remote and even a small flash drive (I actually had one of them << muppet) have cropped up in the marketplace, but never really took off. I think because they were clumsy to use, look horrible and quite expensive for what they were. Watches for me are both practical (they tell the time easily) and a fashion statement. I like nice watches, if I could afford a designer one I would. Multi-purpose watches have tended to look like someone slapped some a block of cement on your wrist. They just don’t cut it nowadays.

If watches had lasers, they would sell but people would probably die

In fact the death of the multi-function watch could in part be linked to the rise of the multi-purpose phone. Calculators, TV remote apps, built in hard drives are standard pretty much on phones these days. They have become so amazing they have had built in clocks and alarms. Watches tell the time and phones tell the time, but phones do a thousand other things on top, so why have both?

Why not ditch the watch?

Here’s some really poor reasons:

  • they battery runs out faster on phones
  • they look cool
  • they feel good on your skin ….. yea I’ve run out of ideas

To be honest a part of it is habit. I will be a watch owner till I die. I like watches and couldn’t image my wrist without one, it would be that weird. They are also a part of my style. To me watches are another piece of clothing that I wouldn’t leave the house without. That is why think watches won’t die out. They might not be the practical solution to telling time they once were but they are now an important part of our look and say something about us.

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