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  • Bruneau Sand Dunes, Idaho

    Bruneau Sand Dunes, Idaho

    The Bruneau Dune system is located in the Bruneau Dunes State Park, Idaho, USA (Fig 1). The park is 8 miles east-northeast of the town of Bruneau and about 18 miles south of Mountain Home. The park has an area of 19km², housing Sand Dune Lake. The majority of the Bruneau Dunes are located around the lake.

  • Fordism and the 20th Century City

    Fordism and the 20th Century City

    Fordism has influenced the design of cities from its conception in the early part of the 20th Century. It has influenced lifestyles and changed the face of industry (Sheldrake, 1996). The impacts of Fordism can be felt throughout the century but to understand its level of influence it must be understood what the city was like […]